Sunday 5pm @ Bethesda Fountain Central Park

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Sunday Feb. 26th 5pm @ Bethesda Fountain
in Central Park


We have lift-off! This morning, while talking to occupiers in McDonalds across from Zuccotti, I received our first donation of $11!

This will go towards tech costs, with a receipt posted to this blog.

So it’s official, we have the online support of a handful of people, the in-person support of a handful more, and a handful of dollars. What more do you need to change the world?

It was also recommended to not hold the meeting in the Great Lawn, because apparently that place is huge. So we’re changing the meeting place to the Bethesda Fountain on the recommendation that it is a place with amazing energy.

The great thing about a good idea is that it promotes itself. So I’m taking a very laid back approach to this. If you can come, cool. I’ll be at the Thompkins pop-up occupation promoting the meeting.

But if you can’t, no worries. I really feel that the OWS model is broken beyond repair, mirroring the structural flaws that we were protesting against in society. As such, I think OWS will implode under its own internal contradictions.

My only hope is to create an alternative as a landing pad for people who are going to increasingly be leaving. I’ve already run across a couple.

If no one shows up at the fountain Sunday, I guess I’ll start making announcements at GA’s or more posts on NYCGA.NET. Or maybe I’ll just try to organize in the community.

I don’t know. It’s an organic process, you can’t go wrong as long as you stay sincere and true to your values. Feedback appreciated.


The Nine-to-Five Theses addressing #OWS

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

OCCUPY NEW YORK CITY: Sunday Feb. 26th

5pm @ Central Park Great Lawn

Some of the principle organizers behind #OWS are now paid activists,  9-5 Occupiers. It is against the corruption of our movement by such professional and/or co-opted organizers that this thesis is directed.

  • 1) It has never been disclosed who is receiving outside funding and what total amount of covert cash is filtering into #OWS
  • 2) The finance working group refuses to allow an independent, external auditor come in to verify the book-keeping
  • 3) The GA, the public treasury of #OWS, has been purposefully bled dry to force people to become dependent on “affinity groups”
  • 4) “Leadership programs” such as the Occupy Manifest are starting to recruit membership from not only OWS but all across the nation
  • 5) The underprivileged are finding it harder to make their voices heard in #OWS.
  • 9) Those who support a diversity of tactics, from pacifism to anarchist black blocs, are being asked to choose sides.

You cannot eliminate elitism. Wherever human beings associate over time, they will create informal structures. But you can manage this social weed by implementing transparent, desired structures accessible to all.

We cannot create a perfect movement, but we can certainly improve upon what we are leaving behind. We can become better farmers of social change. We can learn from our last harvest.

What are your biggest complaints about #OWS, and what would you do differently the next time around?

That next time is here. Come to the great lawn in Central Park 5pm on Sunday, February 26th, and we can have this discussion together.The great lawn is just north of the turtle pond, you can take the B/C to 81st St (Museum of Natural History) and then cut across park.

If you can’t attend out meetings, then at least take a look at our Occupier Profiles and support an Occupier to be able to organize full time. It is only through public donations will we be able to maintain our independence.

It is only with your help can we combat the 9-5 Occupiers who take their orders from their paymasters.

Please help us keep this a people powered movement.




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